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Whitney Pope
Client Testimonials
"Thank you so very much Whitney- great sale!! I was so grateful for your patience with us and for your consideration while we were moving out- what a time crunch! I appreciated the time, knowledge and research of the items in the sale. It was a great sale and we are very pleased with the proceeds we received."
Faye R. 
"Whitney was very pleasant, informative, thorough, thoughtful and compassionate. Having met her once in person and communicating the rest of the time over the phone and cross-country, I was very much pleased with the job done. The neighbors said everything was done very expeditiously and professionally."
Lori L.

"I was so very impressed with Whitney's level of expertise and professionalism. She went out of her way to help me in my situation, she really went the extra mile. Class operation. Great job"
Frank R.
"This was my first encounter with estate sales, I was not sure what to expect but I was extremely surprised and pleased with the services provided. I loved how friendly and helpful Whitney was. I had lots of questions and she was very patient with me.  I cannot think of a single thing I wish she would have done differently, I was so pleased with the job well done. I am now on their "band wagon" and recommend her to anyone I know, great job!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did, so very much appreciated."
Judy C.
"I received prompt attention whenever I called- very satisfied with the services provided. Whitney was great!!!"
Freda B. 
"I didn't have enough for an estate sale after talking with Whitney on the phone and she came to the house and identified the valuable pieces of furniture that would be worth selling at another sale. Her response was quick and efficient. She even arranged for the furniture to be transported. Whitney kept us in touch and informed during the entire process. I was very pleased with the sale results! I would not hesitate recommending her services to others."
Karen D.
"Absolute A+ job. Couldn't have been happier with Whitney's work ethic and level of professionalism."
Patty C.
"I really appreciate what you guys did. I was not expecting this, but it is so refreshing to have someone with your ethics in the business world. Thank you again and I wish you continued success"
Brenda B.
"I cannot tell you enough how much we all appreciated what you all did for the estate sale of my father's house!!! You guys are just plain fantastic!!! You are one in a million and I know my father would have been so pleased at your job well done. Thank you again for everything!"
Judy R.
"Karen and Whitney, your help was appreciated very much- you both certainly have a special touch! Thank you, thank you so very, very much for doing our estate sale- you both were absolutely amazing!!! You did a fantastic job- I couldn't have done it without you! It was just great to meet you and thank you again."
Judy G. 
"I want to express my deepest appreciation for the fantastic job you did in running my estate sale. You made a difficult job for me go so smoothly. Thank you as well for being so flexible with such short notice."
Marcia L.
"You were able to help me so very much. I know it's just business as they say, but you handled everything with such special kindness. Thank you and excellent job well done" 
Katie G.
"Thank you for your blood, sweat and tears!! You guys made all the difference in the world helping us with this move. Do you guys get the job done or what! Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you"
Robert R.
"I cannot convey how much you all helped us in having my dad's estate sale. You guys are so great and you made such a difficult time in our lives so much easier to handle. You are such good people and thank you again for all of your kindness!"
Sue H. June 13th, 2007
Customer Comments
"Champaign Estate Sales are always the best! Well displayed, reasonable prices which are negotiable, respectful and courteous service. They are true professionals."
July 10th 2015
"This sale was wonderful. The people are very friendly, positive and helpful. I truly enjoyed my experience."
June 11th, 2015
"Well run and very friendly."
May 7th, 2015
"Well organized, controlled and fair prices"
April 16, 2015
"Enough people for help, questions, and everyone was smiling throughout. Terrific sale!"     
September 13th, 2014
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